I'm a 40-something photographer, so(u)lpreneur and burlesque dancer! I help women celebrate their beauty + express their value through Portraiture

I'm so glad you're here!

I don't just mean here on my website but HERE On this planet at this amazing time in history!

You see, for generations we've been told a lot of stuff about how our bodies should look. As a recovering perfectionist, I spent years beating myself up over the size and shape of my body. Things got hella worse after having a bunch of kids!

As a photographer, I've always been drawn to capturing people, especially women. But all too often these gorgeous, amazing women couldn't see or appreciate the beauty in their own portraits. That's when I realized how badly many of us are suffering from devastating body shame and how much it is robbing us of so much joy and love.

But I soon discovered there was no way I could help women learn to see their own unique beauty if I hadn't figured out how to do the same for myself!

So I started my own self love journey to learn how to let go of a defeating narrative to accept, and even love, myself. Rolls, wrinkles, lumps and scars - ALL of me. 

And here's the kicker - self love isn't something you can achieve. Nobody wakes up one day suddenly in love with every thing about their body.

I think the uber-talented Emily McDowell said it best...

hi there!

Loving yourself is a PRACTICE, just like yoga.
Nobody ever got good at yoga by BELIEVING in it. 
You have to DO IT.
 Even when it's hard.
Especially when it's hard.

just like beach vacations + birthday cakes, practicing self love is so much better when shared with a friend.

Welcome to the party! As your party host, I'm here to help you cultivate delight towards your own self-acceptance. Join me by following along on Insta or check out the Shop for some super cute self love merch!

Maybe you're a fellow book nerd and ready to delve into the psychology of all things body and mind with our monthly Self Love Book Club.

Or perhaps you're ready to power-charge your self love journey with an Empowerment Photography Session with me! Whether it's a steamy boudoir sesh, beautiful legacy portraits or stand-out branding images, our joyful-spirited shoots will help you cultivate delight toward complete self acceptance and empower you to celebrate your beauty!

No matter if your self love practice is just beginning or you are well on your way to loving ALL that you are, I'll continue to add events, offerings and learning opportunities here to find community and enrich your practice!

self love
party central!

my favourite self love practices

I've been dancing burlesque since 2013 and it always gives me an instant boost of feel good vibes.

every evening i enjoy a cup of my favourite tea.
it's hydrating and signals to my body that it's time to rest.

I've always loved makeup but at one time in my life putting it on felt like a chore.
now i see it as a way of adorning my body + only wear it when I want to.

i am the ultimate foodie!

exploring new tastes and textures is one of my favourite ways of practicing self love.

whenever possible I try to start each day with a walk outside. this daily dose of sunlight really helps me manage my Seasonal affective disorder.

i find positive affirmations to be one of the best ways to remember to be kind to my body.
i have them posted everywhere!

Located in the 20 minutes from downtown Ottawa, our boutique home studio was a happy result of all the 'free' time we had over the pandemic. We are located at 86 Framingham Cres in Barrhaven on a well-marked street with dedicated parking in the driveway.

Quaint and cozy, our studio has a well-lit space for our hair and makeup stylists to work their magic, a client wardrobe bursting with fun pieces for you (think tutus, leather jackets, sequin gowns and fishnets all in one place!) and a dazzling chandelier for you to dance and twirl under!

Pop by and say hi! The coffee is always on and the music is always pumpin'!

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