My baby’s chubby, sticky fingers clumsily grasping at Cheerios.
My daughter, wearing a princess dress and crown, twirling in the sunlight of our kitchen.
My sons giggling together under a fort of blankets and pillows.

All these small, simple moments I wanted etched in my memory forever but in the sleep-deprived business of being a mom, I was scared I would forget.

So I turned to photography. I dusted off the DSLR camera my husband had gifted me years before and I started learning everything I could. And the more I learned and practiced, the more I could use photography to bottle up these memories of my children and the more joy it brought me. 

Like catching a bubble without it bursting, photography was a magic that let me hold on to these moments forever.

Nowadays, whenever I’m having a difficult day, I look back at those photos and my frustrations just sort of melt away.. 

But it’s hard not to notice a very important thing missing from almost every image - me. 

You, too, can probably count on one hand the number of beautiful, joyful images you have of yourself holding your children. 

My name is Nicole and I believe there’s no better gift you could give yourself and your children than a portrait that captures you holding your babies.  

It’s the single most important image I take at each and every photo session.

They say time speeds up with each new baby. 

After my husband and I welcomed our fourth child in 2015, time seemed to be moving at lightning speed. Our life quickly became even more blessed and more overwhelming than ever before. 

Those were hairy days but amongst all the chaos there were pockets of inexplicable joy.

my story

a little more about me...

Most days you can find me with a cold Beau's in hand, chatting up the neighbours as we watch the kids terrorize our quiet street in Barrhaven.

As a family we love to experience this beautiful capital of ours and most weekends you can find our little wolf pack checking out local trails, museums or festivals - often stopping at the local brewery for a cold one on the way home! 

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